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IT Asset Disposition

How to manage IT infrastructure at End of Life?

Encore, IT Asset Disposition!

The latest technology certainly outperforms older gear and organizations are constantly employing new assets to better serve their client base or remain competitive in the marketplace.

At one point the disposition of IT infrastructure was treated as an afterthought and systems were given to employees, placed in dumpsters or may have been illegally dumped. The potential for a data breach and the negative exposure for improper handling of equipment can be more than some organizations can bear.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program

Encore’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program is designed to mitigate the risks associated with displaced technology.

Our solutions are tailor made for your organizations requirements, incorporating “white glove” logistics solutions that can include packing and palletizing at your premise and bonded carriage from any point to one of our processing centers. Once received, we’ll inventory all assets providing a documented paper trail for the transfer of title of all items.

Encore can further mitigate the risk that data presents to your organization through a wide-range of data destruction solutions from on-site shredding to employing the latest NIST 800.88 Federal standards.

Creating a cash value for your infrastructure

Once assets are processed we can direct assets that still have life to the secondary IT marketplace by selling these assets for you, creating a cash value for your infrastructure that can be repurposed against future new product purchases. Assets that are non-working or obsolete will be recycled in full compliance with the governing global standards in the marketplace  R2/eStewards), ensuring that your gear doesn’t become eWaste in some other country.

Encore’s ITAD solutions are available to Public Sector clients as the downstream processing assets meets the regulations set by GSA (property management) and EPA (environmental processing).

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